If you’re looking for a telecommunications service provider you’ll almost certainly be comparing us with several others. Here are some reasons why we stand out from the rest:

Non Geographic Numbers

We offer an extensive range of 03, 07, 08 and 09 non geographic telephone numbers and have thousands of memorable numbers to choose from. Our number ranges are data fed with all of the major networks, so whatever NGN number range you want to use for your business, we can help.

If you would like to bring your existing non geographic numbers with you to Core Telecom, our porting agreements enable us to provide a seamless transition of your numbers with no down time. If you would like more information on how to port to us please email:      porting@coretelecom.co.uk


As a network operator with a direct interconnect with BT, our rebates are unbeatable. We offer the best rebates in the UK on all our number ranges.

Visit our rebates page for more details.

Credit Terms

Not only do we offer some of the highest levels of revenue share on inbound call traffic but we also guarantee that outpayments will be paid on time. Our rebate payments are always paid via BACS 35 days following month end.

Online Service Management and Technical Integration

Our unique portal enables you to manage your inbound telephony effortlessly, whilst providing powerful call statistics to allow you to analyse inbound call trends in near real-time.

You can set-up and change all of your services from simple and complex menu driven IVR services to voicemail messages and call whispers.

We have also developed one of the leading APIs in the UK telecoms industry to allow your systems to interface directly with ours.

Dedicated Account Management

Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow. That’s why we give all of our clients a dedicated account manager.

Speed and Flexibility

We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do. Whilst recognising that the old way may still be the best way, our focus and expertise allows us to respond quickly and we constantly strive to find a better solution to a client’s problems.

Service quality assured

Core Telecom is an independent network operator, directly interconnected with BT. Our network currently switches in excess of 400 million minutes per year. We only use white CLI routes in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of our service.

Disaster recovery – 100% redundancy

Core Telecom has a fully redundant Suite of Switches housed in  four data centres based in London, Leeds and Croydon with six different points of interconnect to BT. So you can rest assured that your traffic is safe with us.

Contact Us
For more information speak to our team:  0344 504 0000 or email us:  info@coretelecom.co.uk