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How To Become a Wholesale Partner

Core has recently invested into a state of the art switch with a very large capacity to deliver wholesale solutions globally.

Core Telecom will work with wholesale partners as long as they are willing to abide and work within our code of ethics. Core will partner and work with any International wholesaler that can produce the following information we require for interconnect due diligence

Wholesale Hubbing

As a carrier, Core would not only look to deliver end to end carrier solutions but can offer a Hubbing solution whereby a carrier who has limited capacity can use a partition on the Core platform to increase its volume.

Core would have no visibility of the customers ‘customer’ and would only require the in and out IP Addresses. Each minute delivered would be charged at a competitive rate subject to volume.

Core would require seeing:
  1. 3 years of Audited Accounts and company history
  2. Minimum of two trade references from other carriers that they have done business with for a minimum of two years and have the same criteria.
  3. Fully working website
  4. Directors passport or recognized photo identification

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