Code of Practice

This Code of Practice is designed to tell you what standards of service you can expect in relation to our conduct and quality of service. We also explain our commitments and tell you how to complain if things go wrong.

Our policy

We are proud of the level of customer service we offer our customers.

We strive to give our people the right training to make sure you are sold the right product; you know exactly what you’re buying and get the best possible service after you have purchased a service from us.

But however hard we try, sometimes things will go wrong. If they do, we want to know as quickly as possible so we can put them right. So, if something does please tell us about it by calling 0844 504 0000 or emailing info@coretelecom.co.uk

Sales Practices

All our sales people follow Ofcom’s rules and regulations to make sure you’re protected. Core Telecom Sales personnel will behave in a courteous and professional manner at all times. You will not be harassed or pestered and the services we offer will always be appropriate and relevant to your needs.

Whether we contact you in person or by telephone you can expect us to deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently. If you are dissatisfied you can choose to contact the person you spoke with directly, or alternatively speak with their line manager. We comply fully with all Ofcom rules concerning mis-selling.

Provision – ordering service

When you order Core Telecom’s services, we want to provide them to you as soon as possible. We will ask you to enter into agreement with us. The agreement will be governed by our standard terms and conditions for the particular service, which tell you what you must and must not do.

A copy of the terms will be provided to you during the provisioning process.

Regulatory compliance

As an established network operator which provides services via our infrastructure to many resellers and service providers, we (Core Telecom Ltd), are meticulous in ensuring our services, and those operated by our customers, are compliant with the regulatory regimes in which we operate, specifically PhonePayPlus and Ofcom.

Please visit their websites (www.ofcom.org.uk and www.phonepayplus.org.uk) for specific details of the regulations.


If you’re not happy with any of our services please let us know. We want to know about your problems so that we can rectify them and stop them happening again in future.  There are a number of ways in which you can contact us to complain.

Phoning Us

Our Customer Services team can be contacted on 0844 504 0000 and are available to take your call during the following hours:

Monday to Thursday 08.45 to 18.00
Friday 08.45 to 17.00
Saturdays, Sundays and Public & Bank Holidays – closed.

Writing to us

It’s often easier for us to find out what’s happened and put things right if we have a brief explanation of what has concerned you.

Please email us at: info@coretelecom.co.uk or if you’d prefer to write our address is:

Customer Services
Core Telecom
Mazhar House, 48 Bradford Road
LS28 6DD

Please remember to give us full details of your name, address and phone number so that we can investigate your complaint fully.

Improving the Code

We hope you have found that this Code answers your questions or lets you know what you should do and who to contact.

If you wish to make suggestions about improving the Code, please let us have them. We review the Code annually and discuss the changes that have been suggested.

Useful numbers

Office of Communications
Ofcom Contact Centre
Riverside House
2A Southwark Bridge Road

Tel: 020 7981 3040

Full details of how to contact Ofcom, including providing them with information online can be found herehttp://www.ofcom.org.uk/contact-us/

4th Floor
Clove Building
4 Maguire Street
Tel: 020 7940 7456