JT Spas

jt-spasJT Spas brings together the very finest luxury bathroom furniture, suites, spa baths, steam shower cubicles and an abundance of elegant and sophisticated bathroom products at prices that are astonishingly affordable. Understanding the necessity of the bathroom JT Spas offers the supply and distribution of modern and contemporary bathroom products combined with an exceptional range of bathroom accessories that will enhance any bathrooms functionality, charm and character.

The Challenge

JT Spas were established in 2006 as a provider of luxury bathroom furniture, suites and accessories. As their business grew, supplying more and more high-end brands of bathroom furniture, the company decided they needed to open their business to the rest of the UK. As the company has grown from a singular base in Northern Ireland to having another base in Leeds with a showroom, the company wanted its telephone system to grow in line with size.

The Result

JT Spas have been working closely with Core Telecom for many years now and they currently have a range of numbers spanning across different ranges which are closely managed by our dedicated Account Managers.

The Solution

Core Telecom assessed JT Spas’ needs and decided that an 0800 number would be the best option as this would give them a UK-wide presence making more and more customers approach them for their products.
As the business has continued to grow over the years they have worked with Core, new numbers have been added to the account to ensure that JT Spas is able to deal with each customer efficiently and professionally by allowing the customer to call the department it wants directly. An example of this is the 0330 number that they added in recognition of their customers who may be calling from mobiles, sparing them any further expense.
A cloud-based call management system has also been provided as the business has grown. Call queues and IVR have been added, ensuring that the customer service they provide can continue at the high standard they’ve already established.

JT Spas Testimonial

At JT Spas we supply a wide range of luxury bathroom furniture, bathroom suites and accessories. We have worked with 08Direct since 2010, using a wide range of their non geo numbers and online services. We have always found their team helpful, and their systems have never let us down.