Red Funnel

Red Funnel Ferries strive to offer guests an unrivalled travel experience. They operate a year-round ferry service between Southampton and the Isle of Wight, UK. With a modern fleet of passenger and vehicle ferries, they pride themselves in being an essential connection and gateway to the mainland, having been operating since 1861. Each year, they carry 3.5 million passengers travelling for business, family getaways or islanders returning home.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of their business Red Funnel operate across multiple locations with each requiring an inbound number and intelligent call mapping. This is in addition to their main bookings line and customer services, which are integral to their business operations. The task put to Core Telecom was to create a proposal which could meet their expectations and prove we were capable of providing a first rate service. We also needed to clearly demonstrate how all their services could seamlessly migrate over to our network without any interruption.

The Result

Core Telecom has now successfully ported 113 individual numbers from Red Funnel’s previous supplier. The Core Telecom team have met all the required deadlines to ensure the porting process was seamless without any downtime or service interruption. Red Funnel are now enjoying a personalised service which meets all the initial service level expectations. We understand that Red Funnel’s requirements will change as their business continues moving forward so have allocated them a dedicated account manager. We ensure our expert team are involved from the start and therefore have a detailed knowledge of each individual setup.

The Solution

We instantly understood that Red Funnel wanted a straight forward approach which took away any confusion they might experience. As we operate our own leading independent network we were able to offer a highly favourable commercial package which far exceeded their previous agreement. Due to our honest and transparent porting process we explained they could move over to our network without changing their current numbers or even contacting their current supplier themselves. Our dedicated porting team would take on all the hard work, all we needed was their approval.

Red Funnel Testimonial

It quickly became clear that Core Telecom were head and shoulders above our existing provider and indeed the wider market. They delivered an outstanding proposal and their team ensured the porting process was incredibly smooth. We are delighted to have chosen Core Telecom as a key supplier and look forward to many years of a very successful partnership.