The Garden Centre Group

The Challenge

Wyedale Garden Centres operates 129 garden centres across England and Wales with over 5000 employees. The group were experiencing a high volume of calls across all of their sites but were unhappy with the current provider of their non-geographic numbers.

The Solution

It was decided that a range of 0844 numbers would be suitable as they gave the business a professional image with no initial costs to set up, also it meant that the company would receive a rebate from their calls at Core’s rates.

Due to the large volume of the calls the business receives on a daily basis, it was also decided that a call management package should be added in order to maintain the high standard of customer service the group prides itself on.

The Group were also given access to Core’s online portal, which allows the company to keep track of and manage its own calls specifically for marketing and PR purposes.

The Result

Wyedale Garden Centres now has a wide range of 0844 numbers with Core which serve many different purposes. Each one ensures that they are able to deal with each individual customer and makes sure that they reach the department they want.

They have been able to personalise each number they have for each site that they own so that the customers can contact the specific store they want.

They are also able to manage and keep track of their PR and marketing campaigns easily themselves because of the online portal provided, which records the details from each individual call.