Dreams & Wishes

Dreams & Wishes is a charity dedicated to helping seriously ill children by making their dreams and wishes come true. Since they launched in 2011, they have been working with families across the UK, providing vital support throughout the child’s illness as well as helping to build happy memories by granting lifelong wishes.

The Challenge

As with many charities the Dreams & Wishes trustees and board members gave their time voluntary and the charity was without a central office. Enquiries coming in via telephone were picked up by one representative and then delegated as required. This naturally created some delays in the messages getting through and missed inbound calls if the chosen charity representative was unavailable.

We saw what was happening and were on hand to create an inbound call solution to meet their specific requirements.

The Result

Core Telecom has now enjoyed a strong relationship with Dreams & Wishes since they launched in 2011. We continue to operate all their inbound calls through the 03 number and have also begun supplying an SMS short code for quick donations. Our online portal also allows them to not only view their inbound calls but also accurately track the performance of various campaigns. We understand their requirements can change from one week to another so are always on hand to make any changes to their service. Our team thoroughly enjoy working with Dreams & Wishes and luck forward to a continued partnership long into the future.

The Solution

As we had first-hand knowledge of the charity operations we stepped in to donate a highly memorable 03 number and committed to covering the costs of all their inbound calls. An 03 was the right solution as the calls are never charged at more than a call to UK landline so are inclusive within all monthly bundles.

Along with the number we introduced a highly efficient call handling service which included personalised recordings and more importantly a hunt group. This service allowed the charity to inform us of their personal mobile numbers which would be called in a set order when the 03 number was dialled. Thus removing the need to advertise personal phone numbers for charity purposes, and remove the chance of missing an important call.

Dreams & Wishes Testimonial

Our 03 number helps us provide a low cost way for the public to get in touch and access our services easily. We want to ensure we are able to help as many children and families as possible so our incoming calls are vital to letting us speak to them directly.