07 International

Core Telecom is a foremost provider of virtual mobile ranges and can therefore offer an array of ranges that can be accessed from both the UK and overseas.

These ranges are ideal for companies looking to provide their clients with a point contract that can be accessed from around the world. In addition to the number range itself we host various IVR services to better manage call flow and efficiency. So whether you require international call conferencing or a contact centre solution with call queue and audio message playback, we can provide that for you.

We offer a variety on 07 ranges to customers with wider access ranges being:

  • 0741 79
  • 0755 97
  • 0758 90
  • 0789 33

If you are an company or carrier with international customer and are interested in these ranges then complete the below enquiry form or contact one of our team on 0844 504 0000. Setup takes no more than 2 days before the numbers are active and ready to use.

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