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We guarantee to beat your current provider

Welcome To Core Telecom, a leading telecom supplier.

Core Telecom specialises in providing powerful inbound telephony solutions to help businesses present a professional presence as well as increasing revenue and operate more efficiently. Thousands of organisations, from SMEs to large corporates, charities, resellers and service providers rely on our services.

As an independent telecommunications network operator, we offer a comprehensive range of non-geographic numbers, coupled with industry-leading call tracking and management capabilities as well as ultra-reliable revenue share outpayments.

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  • Over 12 years of leading telecoms services
  • Highly profitable, independent network operator
  • Directly interconnected with BT
  • Growing customer base of over 12,000 UK businesses
  • Our network handles 400 million minutes per year
  • Porting agreements with all major networks

Why Port To Us

Lower cost calls
Reduce Costs

We work hard to ensure our customers pay the cheapest rates. Challenge us to beat your current provider.

Dedicated Account Management

All our customers receive dedicated and continued support to ensure the very best possible service.

No Service Interruption

Throughout the porting process you’ll experience on downtime or service interruption.

We Take Control

Our team will contact your current provider and do all the hard work. Porting can be completed in around 4 weeks.

Industry Leading Service

No call limits, and guaranteed outpayments. Manage your calls through our online portal.

Exclusive Offers

All our customers receive dedicated and continued support to ensure the very best possible service.

Following our simple 3 step process

Our porting process is simple and free of cost, simply follow our 3 step process


Complete form

Complete our form with your company information, along with the numbers to be ported.


Sign and date

Sign, date and print the form on your company letterhead.


Fax or Post

Simply fax or post the porting form to us.


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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

We’re proud with thousands of UK businesses all of who enjoy a highly efficient and professional service.

Number Porting - Your Questions Answered

Absolutely not, we do all the hard work. All we require from you is our completed porting form which gives us permission to contact your current provider on your behalf.

Of course! When you port any number you simply move it onto our leading network, there is no need to change your contact phone numbers.

Porting numbers to us is completely seamless. You’ll experience no service interruption of any kind. We’ve been doing it for years and our expert team handle your port through every step.

Unlike many other providers out there we are a fully independent network. This allows us to set our own costs, and crucially as we are directly interconnected with BT, we can promise the deliver a reliable service.

Porting is completely free, and will also take very little of your time. Simply speak to a member of our team to discuss your options. When you port an 03 number you will only save money due to our industry leading rates – guaranteed!

You can easily porting an non-geographic number to us. It is even possible to port your physical landline number to us as well. This is a great idea to ensure to very best inbound call service.