If you want to generate revenue by selling inbound call services, Core Telecom is your ideal network partner.

We have years of experience in the channel, and our network, systems and payment structures are designed with resellers in mind. Our products and services are completely white-labelled, so you can market them as your own and customise them to meet your customers’ needs. Our aim, by working closely with our resellers, is to help you grow and achieve your business objectives.

Inbound call services dedicated to Resellers

As one of the leading carriers in the UK, we specialise in inbound call solutions and provide a full range of 03, 07, 08 and 09 numbers, coupled with ultra-reliable outpayments and industry-leading call management solutions which are specifically designed for resellers and service providers.

This includes white-labelling and price positioning to enable our resellers to compete effectively in the inbound call services marketplace.

Full control of your customers’ services: Call Command portal

Our Call Command portal’s hierarchy structure provides full control over the allocation and management of your numbers, which is ideal for channel relationships (resellers to end customers).

API Integration

We understand that total control and efficiency is essential which is why we have developed one of the leading APIs in the UK telecoms industry to allow your systems to interface directly with our portal.

Pricing Promise

As we are a tier one network we provide the best rates around and unlike most telecoms providers we incentivise on traffic volumes i.e. the higher the volume the larger the rebate or cheaper the cost. Additionally we don’t charge for IVR rental or porting. Therefore through our network we can provide improved rates across all ranges that would add to your revenue stream whilst allowing you to provide your customers with cheaper rates.

0844 Rebate

0871 Rebate

03 Cost

0800 Cost

Up to 4.5ppm Up to 8.5ppm From -0.25ppm From -0.8ppm