International Voice, Global Inbound & CPaaS


Communications Platform as a Service

Do your customers need more flexibility? Now you can give it to them with our CPaaS solution

CPaaS is primarily focused on improving customer communication channels. It acts as a solution for businesses to combine the reliability and back end of proven communication services with their own customer applications, for example chat modules; by providing omnichannel messaging.

Benefits of CPaaS Platform

The telephony landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace and we recognise the growing demands of providing direct worldwide access.


Send and receive SMS and chat messages reliably with best-in-class communications APIs.


Build verified voice solutions with multi layered Interactive Voice Response (IVR).


High level of fact acting support from our dedicated account manager team

International voice

Direct connections to the world’s mobile operators & leading global carriers

Resilient and direct voice connections to mobile and fixed networks globally. Core Telecom has a dependable and dedicated cloud based infrastructure reaching to all continents. Offering CLI quality with over 700+ available routes to reach every major network worldwide


With over 200+ direct connections we can provide full country & operator coverage

Pricing & quality

Due to Core’s carrier relationships, directs & bi-lateral volumes we can guarantee competitive pricing with the sole focus on providing carrier grade quality routing


With around the clock support our technical engineers and QoS alerting tools we can ensure business continuity

Global Inbound

Providing a global precense

Our global inbound solution provides our customer base with the ability to acquire & utilise toll free, fixed line & mobile ranges from wide country coverage list, thus providing businesses with a global presence.


With over 50+ provide countries across various number range types

Inbound Solution

Additional IVR & routing based solutions to suite those requirements


High level of fact acting support from our dedicated account manager team