‘Single telecoms regulator’ plans revealed for the EU

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dialling_phone_smlThe European Commission is said to be developing plans to introduce a singular telecoms regulator to govern all of its 28 member states.

If the plan is to go ahead, it is expected that national regulators, such as the UK’s Ofcom, will have some of their responsibilities and powers taken over by the new body.

Following a leak of the Commission’s plans to the Financial Times, it appears that the plans are currently being considered.

The Commission have not confirmed the details as they said that the proposal is not a ‘finished document’.

Produced by the Directorate General for Competition, the document says “a true pan-EU regulator would be the most effective solution to remove national divergences.

“Advancing further towards a true single market would require gradually moving away from the present status quo of 28 national regulators”.

In their responding statement, the Commission said that the leaked plans were an “earlier draft” and that the final proposal would become clear on the 10th September.

This news come after the EU Commission’s recent plans to create a single telecoms market in Europe, in which European telecoms companies would get access to all of the 28 member states.