Blackberry App World hits three billion downloads

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Research in Motion (RIM) the manufacturers of Blackberry products have announced that users have now downloaded over 3 billion apps from their app store, Blackberry App World.

The figure has taken just over three years to reach after the App World was launched in March 2009. As part of the total figures they are reporting an average of 2.5 million downloads per day, and the rate is increasing.

On their official blog, the firm stated that they currently use around 28,000 different app developers who contribute daily to the Blackberry App World.

Although this is good news for Blackberry, the figures do fall well short of their big rivals. Google has claimed that Android users downloaded 10 billion apps in the three years leading up to December 2011. While Apple is the giant in the industry, having announced in March 2012 that 25 billion apps had been downloaded since the App Store launched in July 2007.

The biggest looser in the mobile app market is Microsoft’s platform. At the end of it’s first year the firm revealed that had recorded just 50,000 app downloads from the Marketplace app store.

The strong stats from Blackberry follows the announcement earlier this month that RIM have delayed the launch of their new platform until at least the first part of 2013.

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