London Underground rolls out Wifi network

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Wifi Access on London UndergroundFollowing on from our news last week regarding the launch of a mobile phone network on Virgin Atlantic flights, we can now bring you news of the launch a brand new wifi network on The London Underground.

As of the end of last week Transport For London, in partnership with Virgin Media began rolling out internet access to tube station platforms. The first stations to benefit are King’s Cross, Warren Street, Oxford Circus and Green Park. The ongoing plans involve connecting 80 more stations before the end of the summer.

Intitally the service is avilable free of charge to allow unlimited access to travellers during the London Olympics. Though once the Olympics are over, free access will be limied to viewing the Virgin Portal and Transport For London travel news. Those who want to continue enjoying full internet access will have to sign up to a new pay-as-you-go package from Virgin Media.

The initial feedback from commuters have been mixed with travellers telling The Guardian that they welcome the wifi access, but were scepticle about how pratical the the service is when many people are rushing in and out of underground trains.

Many online companies have moved to be part of the launch with Spotify launching exclusive playlists and movie trailers can be streamed from MyMovies.net.

It is worth noting that although wifi access is being introduced to tube station platfroms, the tunnels will remain internet free. We assume it will become available when close to stations, but can forsee highly frustrated passengers gaining intermittnent access.