Six Reasons Why Your Business Will Benefit From SIP

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Why does your business need SIP?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is one step up from VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), letting you run a number of communications applications over your internet connection.

In basic terms, you can use voice, video and instant messaging in one session over the internet, saving your business money as you’re not paying for telephone line rental and you use your existing connection to connect your calls.

The traditional office telephone setup using ISDN is being recognised as outdated and a lot more expensive than the newer SIP option. ISDN relied heavily upon hardware and is notorious for high call and running charges, so why not take a look at the reasons below as to why your business should be using SIP:


Top Six Benefits of SIP

  • SIP is easily implemented into any business situation, as it runs off your existing data connection – so you don’t have to buy new hardware or install costly dedicated voice circuits
  • Free calls to multiple locations, worldwide – If the destination of your call is also SIP enabled, the calls are completely free
  • User flexibility – Unline ISDN, where you were limited to the amount of users you could have, SIP allows you to have as many as you like
  • Number flexibility – Wherever you go, you can take your number with you
  • Low call costs – As your calls are connected over your internet connection, the cost is considerably cheaper
  • Resiliancy – Due to the flexibility of the SIP system, your business can be up and running again quickly after any disaster