Vodafone showcases new home appliances using M2M technology

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Vodafone M2M TechnologyTowards late 2012 and into 2013, there is expected to be a rapid growth in home appliances using M2M technology. M2M is the name given to the rapidly growing services which offer ‘machine to machine interaction’.

One of the major pioneers of this new technology is Vodafone, who have now announced a new partnership with IBM to introduce new home appliances which will have the capability to be controlled via a smartphone.

Last week the two firms showcased the capability of the service at the IFA Consumer Technology Event in Berlin. Their demonstration featured how a smartphone user could take control of a washing machine, and other home appliances from their mobile device.

It is anticipated that Vodafone’s M2M platform will allow users to control a whole host of electrical items in the home. Very soon, it is hoped that everything from security alarms and lighting all the way to central heating and washing machines will be controlled from one central wireless hub.

The rollout of the new technology and devices is curretly being held up over concerns about security. As with all wireless connectivity there is the very real chance of this being accessed by an external entity.

Realistically we won’t see Vodafone pushing their M2M devices until next year.