Core Telecom Shines a Sunbeam Over Full Life Church

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Core Telecom backs a huge development plan of the 21st century church hall situated in the heart of Maltby community in Yorkshire.

Full Life Church has seen many changes over the past five years, enhancing its services and making it integral to the surrounding area. Its range of buildings hold host to local services required by schools and police departments, as well as local run pre-school Sunbeams. The development plan, which focuses on the renovation of the church hall, means new extensive facilities will be made available for the community.

The church is a sanctuary for individuals not only in need but an aid in adhering to every day life. It allows the wider community to access social groups and educational activities, forming a central point for a wide selection of groups and events.

“We are delighted to be able to help the church” says Mahmood Mazhar, Chief Executive of Core Telecom, “Once the hall is finished the Maltby community can continue to enjoy the facilities for many years to come”.