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Core Telecom continues partnership with Downs Heart Group

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Core Telecom is delighted to announce the re-launch of our continued partnership with Downs Heart Group.

We’ve worked with Downs Heart Group since 2009 providing them with inbound call services through originally an 0844 number but more recently provided a professional 0300 number. All 0300 numbers are specifically reserved for use by charities, non-profit organisations and public bodies.

Along with their main phone line Core Telecom also supplies a fax-to-email service and professional call services which creates a highly efficient inbound call handling. This includes personalised recordings, and a ring group – this enables their calls to divert to multiple locations to ensure that if a charity representative is busy no important call is missed.

As with all charities they rely on a fantastic team of volunteers who take calls on their personal landlines or mobiles, so we’ve added a Call Whisper feature to ensure they are notified they are receiving a charity call before answering.

Penny Green Director of Down’s Heart Group said: “Very happy with the service, works brilliantly for us as a small charity and allows us to provide good and seamless telephone cover without needing us to spend out on an office location and related overheads. The ability to switch our call destinations about and have calls try one number and then another is great and of course it means we only have to have one number that we publish so it’s easier for people trying to contact us and we don’t need to change that if personnel change or move.

“Call whisper means that we have an idea when we pick up what type of call it may be and also for our volunteers, for them to know it’s not a personal call when it comes in on their home line. This makes us look very professional and bigger than we are. Overall definitely makes our lives easier and our operations more efficient.”

Our work with Down’s Heart Group continues our proud history of working with charities all over the UK including The Disabilities Trust, Dreams & Wishes, Twycross Zoo and Cheshire and Warrington Carers.

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