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The Rugby Football League selects Core Telecom as their telecoms provider

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Yorkshire based business telecoms provider, Core Telecom is delighted to have been awarded a 3 year contract to supply complete voice telecommunications to The Rugby Football League head office in Leeds.

Core Telecom has implemented a new internal VoIP network covering 171 individual users with handsets and personalised call handling set up. This service enables The RFL to take complete control of their inbound, outbound and internal telephone calls and make instant savings through utilising a VoIP or hosted solution.

The RFL looked into a hosted solution as they wanted a future proof system which was reliable while also increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This was on top of the ability to free up space through the removal of old hardware. Core Telecom was shortlisted alongside 5 other companies, which included the incumbent supplier and was awarded the contract due to the level of service offered, rates and their local proximity. The location was important as it allowed the Core Telecom team to oversee the installation and also provide training, as well as regularly attend their office at short notice should the need arise.

The new solution has also allowed for seamless integration of their current fax and franking machines, as well as conference call handsets in their boardrooms.

James Crowther, Core Telecom Sales Director, said: “The awarding of a long term contract with The RFL is an outstanding achievement for Core Telecom and one that highlights the industry leading service and network capability we have been building for many years. “

As part of the contract we’ve also been able to port their 0844 number for inbound calls to bring all their telecoms under one roof. This is further confirmation of our ability to provide leading brands with a first-rate service at the best possible price.


George Cotter

George Cotter is the Head of Marketing for Core Telecom and all brands which operate on the network. These include 08Direct, 03NumberShop and 0800NumberShop. You can find him on and Twitter.

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