Our CEO Mahmood Mazhar Donates £10,000 To The 2023 Turkey–Syria Earthquake Appeal Fund

Our CEO, Mahmood Mazhar has made a significant contribution to the Turkish-Syrian Earthquake Appeal fund by donating £10,000 on behalf of Core Telecom. This act of generosity is a testament to Mr. Mazhar’s compassion and commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

The 2023 Turkey–Syria earthquakes have caused widespread devastation and left many communities in need of support. In the face of this tragedy, Mr. Mazhar and Core Telecom have stepped up to provide aid and assistance to those affected. By donating £10,000, we are demonstrating a strong commitment to helping those in need and making a difference in the world.

The recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have resulted in widespread destruction and loss of life. The powerful quakes, which struck on 6th February 2023, have caused thousands of fatalities and left survivors facing harsh conditions with no shelter from the cold.

The first earthquake, which had a magnitude of 7.8, hit the southeast region of Turkey and northwest Syria. Just a few hours later, a second quake, with a magnitude of 7.5, struck further north of the initial epicenter. The dual earthquakes have caused significant damage, with hundreds of buildings being destroyed and leaving countless people homeless.

In response to the crisis, both Turkey and Syria have declared a state of emergency and have called for international aid. It is estimated that 17 million people are in need of assistance in the aftermath of the disasters. Syria, already in the midst of a 13-year war and facing an ongoing cholera outbreak, is in a particularly dire state with winter conditions only adding to the difficulty of the situation. 14 of the 15 DEC charities are planning on responding to this atrocity by providing support and aid.

The Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) is a group of UK aid charities that work together in times of crisis. The member charities of the DEC include:

• ActionAid UK
• Age International
• British Red Cross
• Care International UK
• Christian Aid
• Concern Worldwide (UK)
• Tearfund
• Islamic Relief Worldwide
• Oxfam GB
• Plan International UK
• Save the Children UK
• World Vision UK

These charities work together to respond to humanitarian disasters around the world, providing vital support to those affected by emergencies such as conflict, natural disasters and disease outbreaks. By pooling their resources and expertise, the DEC is able to provide a rapid and effective response to emergencies and to help those in need.

The earthquakes hit without warning, striking while people were asleep in their homes. With no significant earthquakes recorded in the region for 200 years, the communities were not prepared for the destruction that followed. The sudden loss of life and widespread damage has left survivors struggling to rebuild and recover.

In the wake of the tragedy, aid and support are desperately needed to help those affected by the earthquakes. With so many people homeless and exposed to the freezing cold, it is imperative that assistance is provided as soon as possible.

We have been making a positive impact in the community by donating 03 numbers to charities free of charge. Our company’s commitment to supporting charitable causes has been demonstrated through its ongoing efforts to assist non-profit organizations and the communities they serve.

03 numbers are a type of non-geographic telephone number that is widely used by charities and non-profit organizations. These numbers are designed to be easily recognizable and memorable, making it easier for people to contact and support these organizations. However, the cost of obtaining and maintaining a 03 number can be prohibitively high for many charities.

Going forward, Core Telecom is committed to continuing its support of charities and non-profit organizations. The company believes that its efforts can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need, and it is dedicated to doing all it can to help. By providing 03 numbers free of charge, We are helping to ensure that charities have the tools they need to reach and engage with the people they serve.

Are you a charity or not-for-profit organisation in need of a few 03 number? Sign up for free at: https://www.03numbershop.co.uk/0300-number-for-charity/

1080 1080 David Leeming

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