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Women With Endometriosis Added to Core Telecom’s Portfolio of Donations

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As the first of an ongoing pledge to support Women With Endometriosis, Core Telecom’s CEO Mahmood Mazhar has made a very generous donation.  Endometriosis has serious impacts on the lives of women and their families, and is often misdiagnosed.

The cause was brought to Mr Mazhar’s attention thanks to a good friend, who suffers from the condition.  Believed to affect 1.5 million women in the UK, the cause of endometriosis is not known and there is no definitive cure.

Mahmood, who has been running Core Telecom for over 15 years, is passionate about charity work.  He takes pride in his role as an ambassador of Dreams and Wishes, a charity dedicated to helping seriously ill children by making their dreams and wishes come true.  In addition to this, Mahmood has funded the donation of an iconic ‘Sunshine Coach’ to The Forest School in Knaresborough, a school that caters for pupils with moderate to severe learning difficulties.  This project was through Variety, the Children’s Charity – whose business awards are also sponsored by Core Telecom. Mahmood has also supported fundraising events for other women’s charities such as a charity skydive for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

In his own words; 

“I am happy to be supporting Women With Endometriosis, a cause that affects 1 in 10 women in the UK.  It’s incredibly important to me to raise awareness, and I can only hope that my donation will help in the important work that Women With Endometriosis are undertaking.”

Key Facts on Endometriosis:

  • It takes an average of 7-12 years for diagnosis
  • Often misdiagnosed as painful periods
  • Can lead to infertility, fatigue, and bowel & bladder problems
  • With the correct treatment, many symptoms can be managed or reduced

Catherine Noonan from Women With Endometriosis is incredibly grateful:

“This generous donation will contribute towards the completion of our Living with Endometriosis project. This project brings together real-life stories from young girls and women affected by endometriosis to raise crucial awareness amongst the general public.

This womens health project requires continuous support from all sections of the wider community, including individuals and businesses across the UK and worldwide.”

Their website is currently under construction, but you can donate here:


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